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About Us

So what is crowdhaüs?

If you've gotten this far, you've made a good start. We are about to take you behind the curtain for a little insight into who we are.

The company came about as a result of our founders' frustrating experiences whilst searching for a new home. If you pass a property you like, why is it so difficult to get any information about it? Having seen how static and labour-intensive this process is, we felt it was time to shake things up. By drawing on our own experiences, we have found a way to make property search much easier, much more enjoyable and most importantly easy to digest on-the-go.

We really hope you love engaging with crowdhaüs, and our new approach to property.

Why do it alone, when you can be part of the Crowd?


What We Do

We are using some pretty savvy technology to put the property search into the palm of your hand. By bridging the online-offline gap that currently exists, we are making it easier to find your home on-the-go.

Although, we must confess it's not all our doing. The crowdhaüs Property Pixies are the ones doing the groundwork all year round! We've turned their work into an intuitive notification that we're packaging as the 21st Century "For Sale" sign.

We're pretty proud of this partnership, but as they say, it takes 3 to make a crowd.

So with us and the Property Pixies, you are the only thing missing!

Two's company, Three's a Crowd!


Welcome to the Crowd

Bringing Property Search to Life
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