Dream a Little Dream Search

Dream a Little Dream Search

Oh to dream… we all do it, sometimes we need a little escape from our everyday lives where we can let our thoughts wander and imagine where our future self might be.

Oh to dream… we all do it, sometimes we need a little escape from our everyday lives where we can let our thoughts wander and imagine where our future self might be. 

The property market is certainly no different. In 2018, research revealed that more than 6 million people are dream searching for their ideal property everyday, with only a third of these people confessing to looking at properties they could actually afford. The other two thirds of people are looking for something different; a means to escape and dream about a property they will probably never buy - or not for the foreseeable at least. 

Dream searching refers to the process of recreationally searching for out of budget properties or searching when not in the market to move. More than 50% of people dream search at least once a week online, and many people spend over an hour a week researching properties they have no plans to move into in the near future. As self-confessed dream searching addicts, we know how fun it can be to look at the most expensive properties on the market, whether you want to gawk at the interior design, drool over the top of the range amenities, or simply to see what it would be like to have a house in London with lots of space (I know, what a weird thought!). Crowdhaus is perfectly designed for dream searchers like myself, as it is such a visually based experience. You can set your parameters like any other app, but, from there, it is all based on looks. For this reason, lots of our users use our app to hunt for those mega mansions we all would love to spend just one night in, so keep reading for the 5 biggest jaw droppers on the market right now. Breath easy though, we are just here to windowshop, someone else can foot the bill.

  1. Mayfair Mews, 4 bed, 4 bath - £11.95 million

The first property we have been fantasising about this week is this 4 bedroom  house in the heart of Mayfair. It is right next to Hyde Park and we absolutely love all the clean white decor and hotel style furnishing. It has formal and informal living areas, en suite bathrooms, a cinema room, steam room and even a gym. At 12 million pounds, it will set you back a few hundred years’ salary but what’s money in the world of dreams after all?

2. Mayfair Townhouse, 4 Bed, 6 Bath - £15 Million

An oak panelled walk-in wardrobe is reason enough in itself to add this property to your dream list, but this 4 bedroom townhouse next to Green Park will make you green with envy from room to room. Finished to the highest standard of interior design, the property would make any billionaire businessman or premier league footballer very happy indeed, especially when you have your own elevator and a private underground vault, as one does…

3. Chelsea Terraced House: 6 bed, 7 bath - £14.45 million

Who wouldn’t want to Netflix and chill in this whopping home cinema? This terraced house in one of London’s glitziest areas would be perfect to host movie night. You would probably have had to star in a few movies yourself to afford it, but where better to screen your next Oscar winner than in the comfort of your home? We can almost smell those supple leather seats.

4. Semi Detached House in St John’s Wood: 6 bed, 6 bath - £18.5 million 

If you have multiple millions to blow,  then amenities are an absolute must. This indoor pool and wellness centre inside this property in St John’s Wood will certainly catch the eye and the rest of the house is no letdown after this! This house has a private garden, roof terrace, lift and offers feet upon feet of lateral living. Hope you have £20 million spare!

5. Modern masterpiece in Kensington: 6 bed, 5 bath - £45 million (😱😱)

Finally, to round off our list of homes we can only imagine living in, we have this £45 million (yes, you read that right!) modern house in the heart of W8. If Tony Stark lived in London, this would be his home. With a pool, 6 bedroom suites and more square footage in the wardrobes than most people have in their entire home, the future owner of this property is very lucky indeed. If you shut your eyes and think hard enough, maybe it could be you?

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