New Year, New Home?

New Year, New Home?

And just like that, it’s 2022. Finally, all the decorations are down, unwanted gifts have been returned and you have just about got over that New Year’s Eve hangover - time to chill out perhaps? Think again!

According to Rightmove, January 2021 was the busiest month on record for UK moves. While this may have been caused, in part, by the temporary stamp duty holiday last year, there is no doubt that people see January as the right time to make a fresh change and where better to do this, than your home.

For us, the first week of 2022 has shown the January trend to be true! We achieved a record number of downloads in the first week of the New Year, showing a 70% rise since the final week of December. Clearly house hunting is on the agenda to kick off the year… to whoever had “download the newest and most exciting property discovery app on the market” as a New Year’s resolution, we salute you! 👏👏

Not only did we see loads of new downloads, but it seems people are using the New Year to try to actually get that much debated move in motion - or at least see what’s out there - #DreamSearchers unite. In week one of 2022, we saw a 74% increase in the amount of time spent on the app since December, which tells us that the constant improvements we are making to our website and app are proving worthy as more of you embark on this moving journey. Either that, or people just LOVE these blogs 😜😜.

Whilst the increase in time spent on our app is a great sign that people are enjoying using Crowdhaus, we were also delighted to register a 31% rise in enquiries and viewing requests, showing that the increased activity translates through to action by users - and further cements our belief that the start of 2022 is hot property for house hunting - does that pun even work :)?

We did want to quietly call out the 52 keen beans who sent through property enquiries on Christmas Day(!), we see you - I personally was laid flat out trying to keep all the Turkey down!

Finally, we saw a 50% rise in the use of our groups feature, this is where you share your properties and ideas with friends on our app, without having to copy the links or keep your tabs open for months on end. The Groups feature is something that sets us apart from the rest and we will continue developing it as our user base utilises its unique capabilities.

All of these stats tell us one thing: the market is buzzing right now, so it’s as good a time as any to get on with it. If you have already decided to move house in the next few weeks, continue reading our three must-do’s for moving with as little stress as possible and check out our top tips for viewing a property here

1. Pack well

First of all, you need to make sure you have good quality moving boxes to put all of your stuff in. You can buy them on Amazon or get them free with some removals companies, but it is essential you have enough boxes for everything so that you can successfully categorise your belongings. If you do plan on using a removals company, make sure to have booked a slot well in advance as they tend to get booked up very quickly. 

2. Envision your new life 

By carefully planning what your new life will be like once you move, you can alleviate stress and settle into your new home much faster. You will have (hopefully) seen your new property several times, and already know the layout like the back of your hand, so spend some time planning exactly where things will be placed after the move. If you know this beforehand, it is much easier to organise the order of your unpacking and it can save a lot of time. 

3. Plan what you don’t want to bring 

Planning what you don’t want to bring first may seem counter productive. Surely you want to make sure you prioritise those important items you couldn’t live without? This is true, of course your bed or a sofa are things that must go into the move, but if you are able to set aside items that you could do without first, you can save a lot of space and even money, especially if you’re able to sell some of what you don’t want before and use the money to help cover moving costs! Every little helps (don’t sue us Tesco) ☺️!

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